Why Choose Appletree Creative in Mississauga over Wix or SquareSpace?

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Why Choose Appletree Creative in Mississauga over Wix or SquareSpace?

Appletree Creative – Mississauga Website Design Agency specializes in clean, beautiful website design. Our designers are always searching for the trends and making our clients websites stand out. Everyone can design a website nowadays. Just like everyone can take pictures, design their own business cards or do their own electrical work. The difference is, when hiring a professional, you get professional results. Just because everyone can take a picture, does not mean the picture is going to be of professional quality. Likewise, Wix and other services like SquareSpace have made web designing very easy. Don’t get me wrong, these are great tools and they really work for a lot of people and businesses. The thing is, not everyone has the creativity that is required to create a website and not everyone has the time or skill set to create the graphics that go along with a great looking website.



The Pros and Cons of Online Website Builders

Getting back to Wix and SquareSpace, they have made it even easier because they offer professional looking templates. The biggest issue with these templates is it is not a one size fits all; how could they be? A lot of the time, you have to add your own graphics to the website to make it relevant to your business. Creating these graphics can take a lot of time and there is a certain skill set that is required to do so.

Based on what I see around the net, there seems to be a fair amount of designers don’t understand how image quality works and they especially do not understand on how mobile responsiveness works. I will get more in depth with that in another post. But basically, when non-professionals are designing a website, they find and grab images that they found online and then place them on their site. There are two big no-no’s when using such a method. First off, a lot of images that you find via Google Images, have copyrights. Which means, you are not allowed to use those images on your website.

Secondly, when grabbing these images, people tend to grab an image that is too small. If you are enlarging an image, you are downgrading the quality. I see low resolution images all over the internet. Personally, I hate using low resolution images because it just looks unprofessional in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong though, I have had clients tell me to use their images even though they are low resolution. Thus, on sites that we have designed, there may be some low-resolution images.



The benefits of Hiring a Professional Designer

By having a professional designer on your side, they can help you select and create graphics that are eye-catching, vibrant and of high quality. Last little titbit about images, on the other side of the spectrum where people use images that are way too large for their website. They put images that are 5000px by 5000px (huge images) in spots on their website that are only 300px by 300px.

Why is this a problem? First off, a 5000px image can be up to 7MB whereas a 300px image can be as low as 22KB. This is a huge difference! Loading a 7MB image in comparison to a 22KB image could make your website load that much faster! Optimize images for the web is something that not everyone knows about or even understands.

The funny part is, the quality difference between the two images are almost identical. What most people do understand is page speed. If a site takes forever to load, they won’t want to browse the site. Thus, all the efforts you made to make this site are lost because no one is browsing. Mississauga Website Design Agency will make sure your website loads fast and all the images are optimized!




Overall, as I mentioned above Wix and SquareSpace have a great solution for people that want to be hands on and design their own website. The pricing is also hard to beat. For Wix, you can design your site yourself and pay as little as $162.00 per year. In all honesty, for a good host on a WordPress platform, you are paying the exact same price per year. That is without any design tools. There are free design tools on WordPress too, but let’s not get into that for this post. What I am saying is there price is hard to beat for what you are getting. However, there are many pros to use a professional, such as custom designed graphics, great trendy looks, page speed, and proper mobile responsiveness. Yes, there is definitely a price tag that comes along with hiring a professional, but you will not regret it! Hire Mississauga Website Design Agency today to get a professional looking website. Check out our pricing here.



Let’s analyze the Pros and the Cons for choosing Mississauga Website Design Agency:


  1. At Mississauga Website Design Agency we follow the trends and designs beautiful websites.
  2. Mississauga Website Design Agency optimizes your websites page speed by optimizing the images and caching.
  3. Here at Mississauga Website Design Agency we have over 7 years of experience in the web industry, over 20 years in the graphic design industry and over 25 years in the print industry.
  4. Mississauga Website Design Agency supports their websites and their clients.
  5. At Mississauga Website Design Agency we optimize the on-page SEO. We also refer their clients to a full fledged SEO company (that is all they do and know!). They will make your website land on page 1 for a bunch of keywords.
  6. Mississauga Website Design Agency is a local business in Mississauga that cares about the businesses it does business with. If your website isn’t making you money, then there is no point in having a website.
  7. Here at Mississauga Website Design Agency we offers free consultations and SEO analytics.


There is only one con, when hiring any professional website design company there is a price tag associated to the cost. Designers and developers do not make minimum wage, there time is pricey and that is why website designing costs at least $90.00 per hour. Whereas, with Wix or SquareSpace you can design the website yourself and their monthly fees are very competitive.

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