Why is our CMS better than our competition?

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. I know that sounds a bit complicated, but it’s not at all.  Essentially, it manages all the content on your site. As soon as you install WordPres, you pretty much have a CMS – content management system. It’s actually the builder that is being used to create your content that makes the difference. Our builder creates content fast and easy.

All over our site, you will notice that we boast that our CMS is better than our competition. Our crew has spent many hours using different content builders to develop our clients’ websites. However, we finally came across a premium content builder that is above all. It’s our little secret recipe. We tried using Muffin Builder, we found that our clients’ found it a little too difficult to use as they need to know a bit of HTML. Then we tried VisualComposer, another great content builder plugin. Once again, our clients had difficulty customizing their websites even after an in-depth training session.

Finally, we found our CMS system, beta tested it and found it was easier than any other content builder on the market. In addition, it was fast than ever to create pages.

Why are we keeping the CMS a secret?

It’s like grandmother’s secret recipe, however, sometimes even with the recipe it doesn’t come out the same and that is where Appletree Creative comes in. For instance, my grandmother (Nonna) makes the best tomato sauce, she has given the recipe to my mother, here daughter-in-laws and guess what, it doesn’t come out the same. Don’t get me wrong, the sauce is still good when other people make it but it’s not as good. The same works with our CMS, other people can use it and create amazing pages, but we have the creative talent to create beautiful websites every time.

How fast can I build a page?

Within minutes, not hours. The way we design your website will fast track any extra pages you plan on designing. Every element that we use more than once on your site will be saved in our panel and can easily be dragged and dropped directly on the website. Any modifications that you decide to do, it as easy as clicking on the object and seeing a live preview of the change. No other content builder on the market can do this! It is like working with Wix, but with the power of WordPress!

Other content builders work on the backend of the WordPress admin panel. Whereas our content builder works on the frontend of the website. When we say drag and drop, we mean drag and drop just like Wix or Microsoft Word. We can teach our clients on how to use our content builder is a couple of hours instead of a couple of days or weeks.

Do I need to know HTML or CSS?

In all honesty, no, however knowing a little bit of HTML and CSS would not hurt. Our modules have a lot of the styling already pre-made. However, there are minor limitations and sometimes the only way to get around them is to use some HTML and CSS. Don’t worry, in all of our packages we offer a training session. We will teach you on how to use the CMS system and some very basic HTML and CSS knowledge. It will not be overwhelming because we are always here to lend a helping hand. If you are not successful, then neither are we. We want to make our customers happy, so they spread the word and keep coming back.

How do we start?

Starting your project has never been easier. Check out our services page and select a package. If you have any questions, visit the contact us page.

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